Himalayan Journey Intro Video

The time has come! 🤩

I've been spending long hours planning and training all summer, and hinting about adventures to come. It's time to make this public which also makes it really real! Here we go:

On November 13, I fly on a one-way ticket to Islamabad with my teammate Rob Bart to attempt a winter traverse of the Himalayas by fat bike and packraft, across Pakistan, India, and Nepal.

Our "plan" is to join four major rivers together in these three countries by connecting them via remote roads and trails in the mountains. As with all good adventures, plans are loose and our ability to adapt to conditions on the ground will be paramount.

Combining my strengths in the mountains and Rob's strengths on the water to build a solid team is something we're very much looking forward to. And each of us is certainly a bit nervous about the areas where we each don't have as much experience. But we are both well-versed in navigating the unknown, and for us that makes it exciting.

Check out the video for the full story and some fun clips of us in action. If any of you know of companies who may want to partner with us, podcasts we could chat on, media outlets who may be interested in a story, or public speaking opportunities, please holler. We'd love to have y'all help us share our adventure.

Thanks to Fatback Bikes, Alpacka Packrafts, Osprey Packs, Lendal Paddles, Industry Nine, LEM Helmets, and Bikepacking.com for jumping on board early-on to partner with us in this project. 🙌

Lastly: some folks have been worried for our safety and wonder why we're going to this area. My response is best stated by Brene Brown: "People are hard to hate up close. Move in."

I believe there is too much separation in this world. Too much us vs them. I've seen it firsthand on our southern border and I see this phenomenon in our country of fear 》separation 》 hatred 》 violence. And I firmly believe that at our core all humans are more alike than different. I've seen much of the world up close and my suspicions have been confirmed each time: kind people exist everywhere. I feel that the biggest small difference I can make is to tell their stories. 💜 #himalayanjourney #thisworldexists