Sharing & Inspiring the Unconventional Life 

Petritoli, Italy 2017 



In early May of 2017, I was invited to speak and teach beside 9 other experts at the Unconventional Life event in Italy, a five-day business and life accelerator experience for 50 entrepreneurs from all over the world. This was a unique and exciting experience that I would love to do more of. 

I spoke on the importance of prioritizing physical movement in your life, especially if you're an ambitious, high-powered entrepreneur. I spoke on everything from the role outdoor adventure has played in my own "unconventional life" journey, to the effect that exercise has on the brain and how it can amplify your creativity and productivity in your business, to building the mindset needed to overcome challenges in sport, business, and life. 

I taught my "Foundations of Movement" series in the mornings to those who were interested in learning techniques to build the connection between their brain and their body, and improving their ability to consciously move their body in functional patterns to maximize effectiveness and minimize risk of injury with any sport or exercise program. 

I was so impressed by every single person attending this event, all successful entrepreneurs in their own right (and all, I have no doubt, making much more money than I -- the life of a professional adventure athlete is anything but lucrative!) and all committed to upleveling all areas of their life, work, and their positive impact on the world. It was truly an inspiring group to be around and it was an honor to teach them about my area of expertise. 

I went early before the event, got ahold of an old cruiser bike, and explored the small towns along the Mediterranean coast, eating delicious food, drinking wine, and trying to speak horrible Italian. I played my guitar on the balcony of my hotel overlooking the Mediterranean while gentle sea breezes blew into my room.

No kidding. It was pretty much paradise.