Sharing The Human Side of Human-Powered Adventure

We all crave connection. It's human nature. In sharing stories, photos, and videos, we inspire each other to discover what is possible for ourselves. In sharing our victories and struggles, we are joined together as a tribe of adventurous souls determined to test the boundaries of human existence.


As a year-round professional athlete in multiple adventure sports, I share real-time, relevant content to connect with others in our community: people who love outdoor adventure, creative living, and an active, healthy lifestyle.

In my partnerships I choose to authentically support and promote brands and businesses who empower this lifestyle through their products, services, and communities.

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself with 10 years in the outdoor & wellness industries, I understand the business and marketing side of athlete sponsorship from all angles. I acknowledge my ambassador role as an important asset in helping to grow and amplify your reach and the community of enthusiasts based around your brand.

My aim through sharing adventures as a brand ambassador is to interweave a personal, human connection between companies and the people they serve in enabling us all to pursue our passions.

Companies I have represented:

Pedal Pushers Kind Racing

Niner Bikes

Skratch Labs

Fatback Bikes

Lauf Suspension

Defiant Packs

Julbo Eyewear

Gore Bike Wear



DPS Skis

Scott Bikes

Industry Nine

Pedal Pushers Cyclery


Alpacka Packrafts

Twin Peaks Racing

Mountain Khakis

Tin Shed Sports

Rock n' Roll Sports

One Ghost Industries


Kokopelli Packrafts

Crank Brothers

ALP Cycles Coaching



Heights Performance

SOMA Colorado

Griggs Orthopedics

Juliana Bicycles

Vittoria Tires



My services:

- Content creation for your website: stories, photos, video clips

- Content creation for your social media: bite-size, real-time adventure updates, product reviews, adventure sport and wellness tips and tricks, micro-stories and insights from life on the road

- Photo and video shoots for your brand

- Speaking appearances: motivational/inspirational talks and education sessions

- Representation at events: races, industry and community events, expos and trade shows

- Representation across my personal and business platforms and in front of my audiences in the outdoor, wellness, personal development, and entrepreneurship spaces

- Representation in my media content from specific projects/expeditions

- Leading community events (such as group rides, ski tours, or mini skills clinics) as an ambassador for your brand



All of the brands I represent in my work are made up of people and products I believe in 100%, have developed personal relationships with, and am proud to support. Click the logos below to open the brand’s website. Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions about my experience with any of the products made by my current partners listed below, or any of the companies I have represented that are listed above. I am honored to represent those at the top of their game in the bike, ski, packrafting, and greater outdoor industries.