My favorite part of what I do is sharing my experiences and expertise with others so that they too can be empowered and inspired to create a fulfilling life and be at their best. Adventure and movement have been so influential in shaping my life and who I am. I love being a resource and passing on what I have learned.



I speak to groups of all demographics about a variety of topics. I will work with you and your organization to create a motivational, inspirational, and educational talk that will best serve your audience. I have spoken to groups of entrepreneurs, kids' bike clubs, high school students, women's mountain bike camps, BLM/Forest Service workers, and given open presentations for members of the community at various venues.

Example Topics:

The Connection Between Adventure and Life: overcoming challenges, goal setting, building confidence, cultivating the "athlete's mindset," defining success, perseverance, facing fear and uncertainty, etc

Adventures and Misadventures: Stories from my travels with photo slideshow

Sport and Lifestyle Specific Talks: Bikepacking, Mountain Biking, Backcountry Skiing/Avalanche Education, Expedition Planning and Preparation, Creative Life Design, Life on the Road, Female Athletes in Male-Dominated Sports

Movement-Specific: Injury Prevention, Injury Rehabilitation, Overcoming Injuries and Setbacks, Sustainable Movement, Adventure Sport Training & Nutrition, Lifestyle Fitness

Youth Specific (high school/college age): "Outside the Box:" Using adventure and movement as a catalyst to ignite dreams, spark creativity, and build personal strengths to create and own a life you love as you transition into adulthood



Experiential Education: Teaching, Demonstration, and Hands-On Learning on a variety of topics involving movement and adventure. Contact me if you have interest in a specific topic for your group.

Example topics:

Movement Education: Injury Prevention, Sport-Specific Strength Training, Lifestyle Fitness/Strength Training, Foundations of Movement, Biomechanics of Mountain Biking, Biomechanics of Gait in Running

Sport-Specific: Various topics in Mountain Biking, Running, Backcountry Skiing

Sustainable Movement: Integrating healthy movement habits into a full life so that it enhances every area of life: physical, mental, emotional, financial

Learn more about my teaching opportunities at my sister site, Vital Motion Coaching!



I am a PMBIA Certified Mountain Bike Skills Coach. I coach every level of mountain bike rider from never-evers to those looking to dial in their skills for racing. I also coach road bikers on improving your technical skills on the road -- the same skills in mountain biking translate to make you a stronger and safer road biker!

Learn more about my bike skills coaching opportunities at my sister site, Vital Motion Coaching!