Wild Women's Project Sept 2017

Telluride, CO 

Photo by Kylie Fly

When women lead... 


Last year I was contacted via Instagram by Amanda Goad, founder of BoldBrew creative agency, and invited to take part in the 2017 Wild Women's Project. This is a four-day summit designed to bring together female leaders in the outdoor industry, connect them in an intimate atmosphere, and facilitate conversations around community, creativity, and conservation. It is an invitation only event carefully curated by Amanda, and I was honored and excited to be a part of it. 

Over the four days, eighteen amazing and inspiring women laughed, cried, hiked, soaked, shared, taught, and challenged each other to bring out the best versions of ourselves to the group over the weekend. We sat in awe as we watched a thunder and lightning storm complete with snow and hail sweep across the valley through the windows of our cabin, and we went exploring and played in the layer of fresh snow that blanketed the high country above Lizard Head Pass near Telluride. We were a diverse group made up of writers, photographers, videographers, entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes, women who hold influential positions in outdoor companies, all of us changemakers in our own right. There was something innately special about connecting with this talented group of women who have made the outdoors our lives.

I was fortunate enough to be able to share my greatest passion with the group: helping people connect their minds with their bodies via a mindful movement practice; learning motor control techniques which facilitate healthy movement patterns, help to both prevent and heal injuries, and even help us to strengthen our intuition via our ability to experience feelings and sensations in our physical bodies. 

I walked away from this weekend refreshed, inspired, even more confident in my own work in the world, and proud to be a female leader in the outdoor industry. Thank you Amanda for this wonderful opportunity!