Hola! I'm Elizabeth Sampey: professional adventure athlete, movement educator, and storyteller.

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Who am I? 

I was born to move. I am insatiably curious about the world and its inhabitants, and my own existence on this planet. I am always wondering what is around the next bend. My life is anything but conventional and I am constantly evolving as I explore my world and myself. I am fiercely committed to my own growth as a human, often catalyzed through my adventure pursuits. I have been a competitive endurance sport athlete since the age of four.

My mission in life is empowerment through movement, both for myself and for those I encounter along the way in person and through my online media. VITAL MOTION LIFE is a celebration of the adventures, challenges, people, places, lessons and insights that a life of movement has brought my way. These things are what inspire me every day. I hope you can find some inspiration in these pages as well. 

What I'm about: 

Adventure + Impact. I have a unique opportunity in that my platform as a professional athlete, my background as a movement expert, and my own personal life experiences and challenges have woven together and positioned me perfectly to do the work I feel most called to do here on this planet.

Throughout the year, I partner with people and brands in the outdoor industry and beyond to take on various projects around the world that capture my interest and creativity.

But my passion isn't just in the projects. It's in bringing the stories of the insights I receive and the lessons I learn through my expeditions and personal challenges in the world's most remote and beautiful places back home to share with people who are curious about creating a life of adventure, inspiration, and impact. I love sharing my message of how creating holistic alignment within yourself and in your life can lead you to adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

My Projects:

Multisport Expeditions:

Creative projects combining bikepacking, mountain biking, alpine running, packrafting, fat biking, backcountry skiing, and ski mountaineering. With a background in ultraendurance mountain bike racing and a knowledge of moving through mountains thanks to my 15-year experience in backcountry skiing and mountaineering, I have been able to combine my passions in adventure to create expeditions around the world. This has been my athletic focus since 2015. In these projects I get to challenge myself, work closely with others, experience different cultures and leave in awe of the world's most incredible places and intriguing people.

Adventure Mountain Bike Races:

I spent seven years focused solely on bike racing: from road to cross country mountain bike to marathon mountain bike and finally to ultramarathon and stage races. Although racing is no longer my main focus, I still compete in ultraendurance and stage races that have a strong adventure component to them. Adventure-style races are a great way to hone the skills I need for expeditions, from proper fueling, pacing, and routefinding to the strong and clear mindset needed to succeed when on a backcountry expedition far from civilization. Plus, they're great for fitness, and they're FUN!

Coaching, Teaching, Rehabilitation:

I have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and practiced for nearly 10 years in both rehabilitation and human performance optimization. Every year I return to practice for short periods to keep my skills and knowledge sharp, but mostly I use this expertise in my coaching, teaching, and speaking. I travel around the world speaking and teaching on a wide range of topics including mindfulness and breath work in body awareness, intuitive movement, holistic alignment, functional/primal movement training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, the mind-body connection, training for adventure sports, and empowerment through adventure. I coach people both online and in-person who are interested in achieving optimal alignment in their physical bodies and holistically (body/soul/mind/life), who want to achieve their highest potential of health and wellness through movement and exercise, and/or those who are wanting to train for adventure sports performance (competitive or non-competitive). 

Creating Social Change: 

My paradigm of life, how I personally live and what I share and teach is focused around creating holistic alignment inside and out. I love guiding people into building strength, mobility and fitness with optimal physical alignment through mindful and sustainable movement practices. When we nurture and connect with our bodies through aligned movement, we can weave this paradigm through the rest of our selves and our lives as well.

Currently I am especially drawn to facilitating an inquiry into this for young people at the threshold between childhood and adulthood. This is a crucial time and a massive opportunity for young people to start off on their path in full alignment with who they are, how they want to live, and what they want to create. I am also drawn to working in this capacity with people who have survived trauma or other significant evolutionary shifts in their state of being or life trajectory. 

I believe that if every person on the planet was living in full alignment with who they truly are: nurturing and accessing the inner wisdom of their bodies through movement and meditation practices, connecting with their deepest desires, using their brilliant minds to functionally achieve what they choose to learn or create, and consciously designing an outer life aligned with their inner truth, the world would be a very different place. This is what I see as "holistic alignment:" body/soul/mind/life. This is my vision for an exciting and inspiring world, it has been my own personal journey through my own experiences, and I believe it starts with young people knowing who they are and consciously creating the lives they desire to live.

Writing, Speaking, Social Media Storytelling:

What good is a dream if it isn't shared? I am so passionate about my work as an athlete and movement/alignment educator and am always looking for outlets to connect with others through storytelling. Through sharing my stories I aim to inspire people to get outside their comfort zones, cultivate their creativity, think outside the box, and create lives they LOVE to LIVE. We only have one opportunity to live this life, and the simple fact that each one of us even made it to this crazy spinning rock we call Earth is a miracle -- so make it count!

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -- Mary Oliver

See you on the trail! 

~ Elizabeth Sampey ~